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VFuel Endurance Drink - Sachets

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Each packet contains 1 serving - 200 calories of Endurance Fuel with electrolytes and No fructose! 

Containing Non-GMO Dextrose and our proprietary blend of supplements, VFuel Endurance Drink Mix is the perfect fuel for Obstacle Racing (OCR), Trailrunning, Ultramarathon, Cycling, Triathlon, and all other endurance sports!

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Our unique combination of specialized ingredients and natural flavors fuel you for as long as it takes.

SUPERIOR DIGESTION - We use only dextrose for our calorie source, the easiest fuel for your body to absorb and use. VFuel tastes great and goes down easy hour after hour. Bomb the hills - not your gut!

SUPERIOR RECOVERY - VFuel athletes report greatly reduced delayed onset muscle soreness and accelerated recovery after big efforts.

Easy on your stomach, providing smooth energy, and enough electrolytes to keep you properly hydrated, VFuel Endurance Drink Mix is your new secret weapon! 


How to Use: Mix one sachet with 500-750ml of H2O. Shake and Drink!

Our flavors are subtle enough that mixing at higher concentrations is definitely an option but, as always, experiment in training, not during your next race.


Looking for a larger serving? - check out our 50 serve bulk bags.

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